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I - Instructional Program (46 Files)
Download IB - Instructional Goals/Curriculum Development
Download IC - Curriculum Development Resources
Download ID - Curriculum Design
Download IDA - DeSoto County Career Technology Center
Download IDAA - DeSoto County Technology Center Placement Process
Download IDCA - Summer Programs
Download IDDB - DCS Title I Program Parental Involvement Policy
Download IDDC - Homebound Instruction
Download IDDD - Gifted Program
Download IDDE - IDEA Supplemental Services Policy
Download IDDF - District Assurances for Children with Disabilities
Download IDDFA - Promotion and Retention Provisions for Students with Disabilities
Download IDDFB - Grading for Students with Disabilities
Download IDDFC - Observations/Screenings/Assessments
Download IDDFD - Attendance Policy for Medically Fragile Students
Download IDDFE - Dyslexia Screening
Download IDDG - Speech Language Screening
Download IDDH - Non-discriminatory Statement
Download IDDHA - Section 504
Download IDDIA - GED Program
Download IED - Classification of Students
Download IEDA - Instructional Minutes
Download IFAA - Textbook Selection and Adoption
Download IFB - Textbook Fine and Damage Replacement
Download IFC - Community Instructional Resources
Download IG - Prayer in Schools
Download IHA - Grading Policy
Download IHAB - Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit
Download IHAD - Parent Conferences
Download IHB - Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials
Download IHC - Senior Class Rankings
Download IHD - Academic Honor Roll
Download IHE - Promotion/Retention
Download IHF - Graduation Requirements
Download IHFA - Grading/Options for Students with Disabilities to Exit High School
Download IHFAA - Graduation Assessment Options
Download IHFB - Credit Recovery Policy
Download II - Testing Program
Download IJC - Desoto County School District Internet Safety Policy
Download IJE - Employee Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Download IJG - Guest Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Download IJP - Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Download IJQ - DCS Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices
Download IKC - Teaching About Religion
Download IKD - Abstinence-Only Education (House Bill 999)
Download IKI - Guidelines for Lesson Plans