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2019-2020 CEU Calendar
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 
Last Updated: 7/10/2019 

Registration Process for a Training Opportunity/CEU:

Go to, unless another link is specified in the title below.  Sign in with your user name and a password and check to make sure to put your updated email address in your personal information in MUNIS. Once you sign into the site, click on Employee Self Service, select Training Opportunities, then select the CEU class Detail/Enroll. If you wish to enroll in the training opportunity, click the ENROLL button at bottom. Once you sign-up, make a copy of the form to keep for your records.  You must enroll whether or not you are going to earn a CEU. 

You will receive your CEUs through North MS Education Consortium, Inc. (NMEC.)  We will give you an Application Form from NMEC the last day of the CEU class to complete and turn in with your payment of money order, check, or credit card. No cash!  If you are paying by check, you must include a personal phone number on the check.  You will also be required to complete an evaluation form. Our office will process the CEU application and send in your paperwork for you. NMEC will send the CEU certificate to the address you put on the application.

Cancellations: To cancel, you may log into MUNIS Self Serve or call Jo Cox at the District Office at 662-449-7151.

The CEU classes offered will be on the website approximately two weeks before the session begins. All courses are on a first come, first serve basis of the completed process. The calendar will be updated as new courses become available.

Remember to check out our two new web links for new CEUs often. 1. “UPDATED: AVAILABLE CEUS” at  

2. “CEUS & MORE” at for CEU opportunities done by others in our district and outside of DCS and education advancement opportunities

You are responsible for keeping up with your original CEU certificates.

The Mississippi Department of Education will not allow you to repeat a CEU  class and use it again to renew your license.
The MDE will only accept 0.5 CEU = 5 hours of instruction or more.


5/1-- 8/1/19 

Training for Coaches 2019-2020 

Anthony Jenkins  Coaches and Band Directors   0.5 CEU Any time not in class  Online SafeSchools 
6/24 thru 8/16/19

Math Workshop: 5 Steps to Implement Guided Math, Learning Stations, Reflection, and More Online Book Study

Alex Nosef K-5 Teachers 1.5 CEU Any time Online
7/1--7/29/19 Understanding Texts and Readers by Jennifer Serravallo online Book Study  Jennifer Potts 1st - 5th Grade Teachers

1.0 CEU

Any time Online
7/11/19 Second Language Acquistion: Understanding the Process LaDonna Thomas All Certified Staff 0.5 CEU 9:00 - 3:00 with one hour for lunch  Central Services InService Room
7/18/19 ELA Standards Study, Grades 6-8 Shannon Eldridge 6-8 ELA Teachers 0.6 CEU 8:00 - 4:00 with one hour for lunch Central Services InService Room
7/22 thru 7/24 & 8/22 & 8/23/19 Phonics First, Level I (Orton-Gillingham) K-5 Various Presenters K-5 SPED Teachers 3.0 CEU 8:30 - 3:30 with one hour for lunch

Southaven High 7/22 thru 7/24

Central Service Board Room 8/22 & 8/23

7/24 -- 8/9/19 K-2 enVision Math Curriculum Training AM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway K-2 Teachers 0.5 CEU 8:00 - 11:00 Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room
7/24 -- 8/9/19   K-2 enVision Math Curriculum Training PM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway  K-2 Teachers  0.5 CEU  12:00 - 3:00 Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room 
 7/25 -- 8/9/19  3-5 enVision Math Curriculum Training AM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway  3-5 Teachers  0.5 CEU  8:00 - 11:00 Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room 
7/25 -- 8/9/19   3-5 enVision Math Curriculum Training PM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway 3-5 Teachers 0.5 CEU 12:00 - 3:00 Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room
7/25 & 7/26 & 8/19 thru 8/21/19 Structure Level I (Orton-Gillingham) Middle & High School Various Presenters 6-12 SPED Teachers 3.0 CEU 8:30 to 3:30 with hour for lunch

Southaven Hign 7/25 & 7/26

Central Services Board Boom 8/19 thru 8-21

7/25 thru 8/9/19 Supporting New Math Teachers to Foster Students' Ability to Communicate Their Mathematical Thinking Chereda Daughtery & Nick Broadway 6-12 New Math teachers 0.5CEU 8:00 - 11:00  Plus Assignments

Central Services In-Service Room

7/26/19 thru 8/9/19 Getting Started with HS ELA: Training for New HS ELA Teachers Dr. April Holifield-Scott 9-12 ELA Teachers 0.5 CEU  8:00 - 11:00  Plus Assignments Central Services In-Service Room
7/26 -- 8/9/19 6-8 enVision Math Curriculum Training AM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway 6-8 Teachers 0.5 CEU 8:00 - 11:00  Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room
7/26 -- 8/9/19 6-8 enVision Math Curriculum Training PM Alex Nosef & Nick Broadway 6-8 Teachers 0.5 CEU 12:00 -3:00 Plus Assignments Central Services Board Room

“Ok Google, What can you do in the classroom?”

Cassie Sanders & Jennifer Klinger Certified Staff 0.5 CEU 8:30 to 2:30 with hour for lunch DeSoto Central Elementary Computer Lab
7-29 & 7-30-19

Growing Your Grass: MET Update 2019

Various Presenters MET Chairpersons & Administrators 1.3 CEU or 10 SEMI 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Services Board Room


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