Ms. Jessica Malone

3-5 Literacy Specialist


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What a wonderful community of educators, students, and parents we have.

I have grown as educator while serving as the P.E. teacher, a 2nd grade teacher, a 4th grade teacher, and currently am enjoying being a 5th grade teacher. Yes, I am a teacher, but WE learn together each and every day.

I gained my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi, and am a National Board Certified Teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy.

I cherish my time spent with students gathered eagerly awaiting the next move from our current character during class novel. My goal is to create a safe, loving, and challenging learning environment for all, in which my students build character through ownership of their learning and future.

    Social Studies

    We will discuss geography and landscapes as we learn about early colonization of America leading to the American Revolution. We identify key events and influential people from that era as well compare our culture to others.

    Feel free to use Brainpop if you wish to learn about historical events! They are offering free access right now, but even without a code, there is a daily free video!


      iReady Reading

    iReady is a great tool for additional support for students. We often have teacher assigned lessons that are graded to check for understanding. There is also an individual Learning Path created specifically for each student.


    We will be working on three types of writing this year: narrative, informational, and persuasive/opinion. 

    G- Grasp your reader with a hook

    A- use key words from the prompt to prove you Answer the question

    V- show your Voice by using figurative language

    E- offer Evidence with Explanations to justify your thinking if proving a point

    It is a great idea to begin a personal journal at home at any age! Writing about your own experiences to keep memories has many benefits. This is also a great way to establish a writing style and practice grammar and mechanics! 



    Independent Reading

    You all know IDR time is my second favorite time of the day (class novel always wins 1st:)). Be sure to get in as much time reading as you can each and every day! 30 minutes is preferred, but more is better!

    Steps to find your reading response prompt:

    1. Read your book: either hard copy or online book

    2. Click the Reading Response Board pdf under the Choice Boards according to your genre to choose your prompt

    3. Click the Response Sheet link to type your response. Be sure to detailed just like you are for RNB responses in class. I am reading these and want to know all about your book. :)

    Click here for Reading Response Choice Boards