Safety and Risk Management

Freddie Jospeh

Executive Director
Phone:  (662) 429-5271

The safety and security of the students and staff at our schools is of utmost importance.  In order for students to thrive in their learning environment the must feel safe at all times.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the schools of this district are safe places in which to learn and work.

The department of Security and Risk Management provides support to schools in the areas of physical security and emergency operations.  

We also provide guidance in the development of a safe and secure school environment for students, faculty and administrators.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Teacher Resources:
National Crime Prevention Lesson Plans - The following activities were created by teachers and reviewed by teachers, principals, law enforcement officers, and community members to ensure their quality and effectiveness. They are designed to teach an age appropriate lesson on a crime prevention and safety topic.  Lesson plans are provided by the National Crime Prevention Council for grades K-5.