Let the Journey Begin


Let the Journey Begin

Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority delivered journals to Horn Lake Intermediate School.  Pictured from left to right are:  Warren Herron, AP at HLIS; Allison Oliver; Josh Russell, AP at HLIS; Christine Lewis-Pugh; Sarah Leach, AP at HLIS; Shirley Garrett, Chapter President; Teresa M. McGuire, Project Coordinator; Dr. Shawn Sipp Young; and Stacie Pigues.

     Third grade students at Horn Lake Intermediate received a writing journal from the DeSoto County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

     “The ultimate purpose of journal writing is to be able to write freely about anything,” said Shirley Garrett, Chapter President of Delta Sigma Theta.  “Students need to be given opportunities to write because there is much value in writing every day.”

     “Journal for Your Journey” is a national program with this sorority.  This local chapter provided 375 journals for 15 homerooms, so every third grade student at HLIS could have this experience. Each journal was tied with a bow.

     “This program supports the state’s emphasis on literacy,” said Teresa M. McGuire, Project Coordinator for Delta Sigma Theta.  “Research shows that teachers who provide daily practice in responding to journal prompts produce confident writers and better readers.”

     McGuire, a former teacher, added, “Through journaling, studies also show that writing about experiences, thoughts, and feelings can help lower stress levels, improve memory, and boost problem-solving abilities.”

     “We think this gift is absolutely wonderful,” said HLIS Assistant Principal Josh Russell.  “Daily writing practice helps students prepare for Mississippi’s Third Grade Reading Gate.  Anytime they have an opportunity to write, it will add to their development.”

     Besides providing journals, Delta Sigma Theta has a school supply replenish program at Walls Elementary School.  They bring new supplies to the school in January when supplies start running low.