What Time Is It? It’s Integrity Time at LPS

Students enjoy Integrity Time at LPS.

What Time Is It? It’s Integrity Time at LPS

     Individual student recognition is one small part of ABC Integrity Time, which is an ongoing program at Lewisburg Primary School. 

     “Our students just love it,” said LPS Counselor Penny Martin.  “Everyone here knows to have integrity is to choose what is true, good, and right.  Teaching Integrity Time is one of the highlights of my week.” 

     Every day, in every class, teachers recognize students who make good choices by completing integrity forms with the students’ names,  what they did to deserve recognition, and the teacher’s name.  Every Thursday, a drawing takes place in the cafeteria.  If a student’s slip is chosen, he or she gets to choose an item from the “Integrity Prize Cart.”  

      Caleb Cross’ slip was recently chosen.  His teacher entered him in the contest for “being willing to learn and trying his best.”  Clayton Bush was also selected for “having a great attitude about learning to read.” 

     Every time a winner was named, the students cheered.  

     Assistant Principal Kim Bridges coordinated the award presentations for the kindergarten classes.  Principal Jeannie Treadway distributed the awards for the first graders, and Counselor Penny Martin handled the second grade classes. 

      “Integrity Time teaches our students character education on a primary level. Students can comprehend and apply concepts presented in this wonderful format,” said Treadway.  “It makes children aware of others’ feelings.  They take Integrity Time with them wherever they go.”