Principals’ Meeting 10.23.19

Supt. Cory Uselton

Principals’ Meeting 10.23.19

Supt. Cory Uselton reminded his school leaders it was “National Principals’ Month” in October as he kicked off the Fall Principals’ Meeting.

From left, High School Principals Chris Fleming, LHS; Duane Case, HHS; and Jacob Stripling, OBHS.

From left, Principal Stacey Pirtle, OGCES; Dir. Special Education Elisa Goss; and Principal Sherry Anderson, LES.

From left, Nick Toungett, HLMS; Cliff Johnston, DCHS; and Doug Payne, CHHS.

From left, Principals Cynthia Dixon, GES; and Jeannie Treadway, LPS.

From left, Principals Erica Armstrong, WES; Conell Philips, Jr., LCHS; and Aisha Maxwell, OES.

From left, Elementary Principals Colleen Long, DCPS; Christy Upchurch, SES; Carrie Speck, HLES; and Leighanne Wamble, OBES.

From left, Principals Andy Orr, HLHS; and Kris Perkins, OBMS.

From left, Principals Kenneth McKinney, HSES; Renee Triplett, HES; and Lisa Nye, DCES.

From left, Principals Larry Hood, CHMS; and Shane Jones, SHS.

From left, Principal Jennifer Stripling, SIS; and Principal Kristy Dunning, LCES.