Gifted Teachers Learn from Gifted Education Leaders

Lisa Robertson and Director of Leadership Development & Gifted Studies, Emily Nelson

Gifted Teachers Learn from Gifted Education Leaders

Connie West, President of MAGC; Jen Cornett, MDE Gifted Specialist; and Emily Nelson, Director of Leadership Development and Gifted Studies for DCS

     State leaders in gifted education conducted a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for DeSoto County Schools’ gifted teaching team as a means to kick off a successful school year.

Kelley Cook, Lewisburg Elementary and Angel Lashlee, Lewisburg Elementary

     Jen Cornett, Mississippi Department of Education Gifted Specialist, and Connie West, president of MAGC (Mississippi Association of Gifted Children), supplied training relevant to the education of gifted children and youth, information for teachers and families of gifted children, and updates on the newest research-based teaching strategies to teach some of the district’s brightest minds.   

Susan Powell, Pleasant Hill Elementary, and Beth Gardner, Southaven Intermediate

     "When you leave here today, I hope you will have a grab bag of things you can immediately take back for your classrooms,” said Cornett.

      Emily Nelson is the Director for Leadership Development and Gifted Studies for DeSoto County Schools and coordinator for the event.

     “Jen Cornett offers several open CEU sessions around the state each summer,” said Nelson.  “We were so lucky to get her to come to DCS.”

Dr. Nannett Brown helps test students for gifted studies.

     “Mindfulness” was a term Cornett discussed that helps students manage their emotions.  She   followed her discussion with a calming exercise.

     “Taking a minute to get students to focus on themselves, make wise decisions, calm themselves, can help them get ready to learn and focus on the present,” Cornett said.  “Mornings can be wild for gifted kids.”  

Kathryn Lander, Southaven Intermediate, and Melinda Skinner, Southaven Elementary and Olive Branch Intermediate

     MAGC President Connie West discussed the importance of parental involvement.

     “Ms. West reminded us how better involvement with parents is something to continually work toward so parents are informed and supportive of our program,” said Pleasant Hill Elementary Gifted Teacher Helene Weigel.