DCS Intervention Services

Our Commitment

The Desoto County School District is committed to ensuring each child makes significant academic progress. To do this, we continuously review information that reveals how each child is progressing. The process used by teachers in your child’s school is called Response to Intervention or the Three- Tier Process.

 What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Response to Intervention is based on the concept of providing evidence-based instructional and behavioral strategies by highly qualified staff that is matched to student needs and monitored on a frequent basis. The information gathered by this approach is used to make decisions regarding the student’s educational program. Parents are invited to participate in this process.


Purpose of Response to Intervention Process (RTI)

The Response to Intervention process is a way of organizing instruction and screening assessments with the following purposes:

Allows for early identification of students in need of help and identifies struggling students before they fall behind or fail.

Assesses students on an ongoing basis, throughout the academic years.

Provides for supplemental instruction to prevent or alleviate academic and/or behavioral difficulties.

Ensures a systematic approach for providing student interventions.

Serves students who require occasional additional instruction or support as well as students who require long-term support.

Provides an avenue of supplemental instruction for students who do not require special education services but who consistently fall behind.

Parents are Essential to Student Success: 

Education is a partnership between home and school. When a child needs supplemental or individualized instruction, we will describe that instruction to you. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us. A good partnership includes good communication. Please feel free to call, email or write a note if you have concerns or questions about your child’s education, or if you would like to provide extra practice at home.

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