DCS Student Records & HSEP
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Current DeSoto County Students:

Please contact your local high school for your transcript needs.


Alumni and Former Students:

Transcripts may be ordered online through ScribOrder, an e-transcript sender service. Transcripts sent electronically are fully secure and FERPA compliant.

Go to https://desotoms.scriborder.com for easy ordering and tracking directions. Set up your account, choose your high school, and you are ready to order and track the delivery of your transcript online.

If you have questions concerning your transcripts, you may contact Lisa Robertson at 662-429-5271 ext. 1136 for assistance.

Requesting an Online Graduation Verification

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In an effort to provide better and more secure service, all graduation verifications must be made using our new online system.   

Fax, phone calls and mail will no longer be accepted.

Please use the following link to access our online request system:  https://desotoms.scriborder.com
High School Equivalency Program (HSEP), Formerly GED Option Program

The High School Equivalency Option Program is offered at two locations in the district (DCAC and SHS) to meet the needs of our students. The HSEP Option uses a set of criteria to determine eligibility in the program. This information is outlined in DCS Board Policy JCD(1). All of the district policies are in alignment with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) and the American Council on Education (ACE).

The criteria for participation in the HSEP Option Program as outlined in Mississippi Code 37-35-3 will consist of the following:

  • - Must be at least (16) sixteen years of age and enrolled in a DeSoto County School
  • - Must be at least (1) one full grade level behind his or her 9th grade cohort OR have acquired less than (4) four Carnegie units
  • - Must have taken every opportunity to continue to participate in coursework leading to a regular high school diploma
  • - The student must be certified to be eligible to participate in the HSEP course by the school district superintendent based on developed criteria
  • - Twenty (20) unexcused absences will result in the student's removal from the HSEP program and being returned to his or her school of origin


You can find more information and resources by browsing the website www.ged.com.

For HSEP/GED transcript or diploma requests, visit https://www.diplomasender.com.

If you have questions, please call us at (662) 429-5271 ext. 1136.