Leadership Development (Gifted)
Emily Nelson, Executive Director

Intellectually Gifted Mission Statement (2nd-8th)

DeSoto County Schools will offer a qualitatively different educational experience that is unavailable in the elementary or middle school general education classroom. Each school will develop a differentiated program designed to address the needs of the students enrolled in the needs of the students enrolled in the school inline with the districts instructional management plan. These programs guarantee intellectually gifted students an appropriate opportunity to experience continued personal growth. These programs strive to provide intellectually gifted students with an opportunity to maximize their personal potential.

Leadership Development coordinates Gifted Education Services including the Spotlight Program for Intellectually Gifted students, the Academically Gifted Program for high ability language arts students, and the Artistically Gifted Program for exceptionally talented art students.

We support a variety of opportunities designed to maximize the potential of all students.  We promote instruction through varied learning styles and varied methods of student engagement.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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